Four Vt. Newspapers Say Gov. Scott Should Sign Legalization Bill!

May 16, 2017

On May 10, 2017, the Vermont House of Representatives made history when it voted to approve the Senate’s amendment to S. 22 and sent the bill to Gov. Phil Scott’s desk. As amended, the bill would eliminate penalties for adults’ possession of one ounce or less of marijuana, two or fewer mature plants, and four or fewer immature plants, effective on July 1, 2018. S. 22 would also create a study commission to craft legislation on how to best regulate and tax marijuana in Vermont. The commission’s bill…

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House and Senate vote to end prohibition!

May 06, 2017

The Vermont House and Senate have both passed bills in 2017 that would legalize possession and limited cultivation of marijuana by adults 21 and older. On April 21, the Senate voted 21-9 to amend a House-passed bill (H. 167) to include language of a comprehensive legalization and regulation bill. S. 170, which passed the House May 3 in a 75-71 vote, would simply eliminate penalties for adults’ possession and cultivation of a limited amount of cannabis. In an attempt to compromise with the House,…

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House Judiciary Committee votes to make marijuana legal for adults' use!

March 28, 2017

On March 22, the Vermont House Judiciary Committee voted 8-3 to make marijuana legal for adults' use. The bill, H. 170, would eliminate Vermont’s civil penalty for possessing one ounce or less of marijuana, and it would eliminate penalties for possession of up to two mature marijuana plants and up to four immature plants. Penalties for possession of more than one ounce of marijuana would also be reduced. A full House vote is expected soon. Please call and/or email your representatives today!

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Coalition renews efforts for 2017 session!

January 27, 2017

On Wednesday, February 25, the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana held a press conference to announce its plans for the 2017 session. Read the full story here at VTDigger!

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Marijuana policy on the ballot in Vermont?

November 02, 2016

Many Vermonters say they want to vote on marijuana legalization. In this recent commentary at, the Marijuana Policy Project's Matt Simon explains why changing laws by ballot initiative isn't an option in Vermont.

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