• Madeleine M. Kunin, Former Governor of Vermont
  • Bill McKibben, Author, Environmentalist
  • Kimberly Cheney, Former Vermont Attorney General
  • Allen Gilbert, former Executive Director (retired) , ACLU of Vermont
  • James Duff Lyall, Executive Director, ACLU of Vermont
  • Scott McGee, former Lamoille County State’s Attorney, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for Vermont
  • Robert Appel, Esq., Civil Rights Attorney, Former Executive Director of the Vermont Human Rights Commission, Former Defender General, Former Chief of the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Unit
  • Suzi Wizowaty, Executive Director, Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform, Former State Representative
  • Max Tracy, Burlington City Council Member
  • Joseph McSherry, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Neurophysiologist
  • Robert Melamede, Ph.D., Molecular Biologist and Biochemist, Founder of Cannabis Science, Inc.
  • Rachel Siegel, Executive Director, Peace and Justice Center, Former Burlington City Council Member
  • John Gramuglia, LICSW, LADC, LCS, MBA
  • Carolyn Subin, PhD, LICSW, Otter Creek Associates
  • Stuart Friedman, Drug Treatment Professional
  • Bill Coleman, Drug Treatment Professional
  • Steve May, LICSW
  • Maria D’Haene, LICSW
  • Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Barre
  • Rev. Ken White, Pastor, College Street Congregational Church, Burlington
  • Rev. Elissa Johnk, Middlesex
  • Rev. Bert Marshall, Centre Congregational Church UCC, Brattleboro
  • Roy V. Hill, II, President of the Vermont Ecumenical Council & Bible Society, Burlington
  • Rev. Katelyn Macrae, Richmond
  • Rev. Jeremy Kirk, First Congregational Church of W. Brattleboro
  • Rev. Barnaby Feder, Champaign Valley Unitarian Universalist Society, Middlebury
  • Cantor Kate Judd, Spiritual Leader, Brattleboro Area Jewish Community, Brattleboro
  • Rev. Peggy Yingst, Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, Brattleboro
  • Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy, Consulting Minister, Springfield Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Rev. Abigail Stockman, Developmental Minister, First Church in Barre, Universalist
  • Rev. Peter Plagge, Pastor, Waterbury Congregational Church, Waterbury
  • Chris Dinnan, Retired, Vermont Department of Corrections
  • Jill Evans, Criminal Justice Professional
  • Mimi, Brill, Esq., Supervising Attorney Windham County Pubic Defender
  • Jack McCullough, Esq., Chairman, Washington County Democratic Committee
  • Timothy Bryon Fair, Esq.
  • James Maxwell, Esq.
  • Alec Slater, Esq.
  • Mark Coel, Esq.
  • Dave Silberman, Esq.
  • Christopher A. Davis, Esq.
  • Clancy DeSmet, Legal Professional
  • David Jacobsen, Legal Professional
  • Barbara Taylor Blythe, Legal Professional
  • Michael Devine, Legal Professional
  • Erhard Mahnke, Affordable Housing Advocate, Former Burlington City Council Member
  • Ted Wimpey, Affordable Housing Advocate
  • David Edwards, MD
  • Susan Rice, RN
  • Liam Havard, EMT, WEMT
  • Rita Brown, Medical Professional
  • Lindsay Wood, Medical Professional
  • Milton DeGeorge, Medical Professional
  • Alice Seddon, Medical Professional
  • Kelly Howard, Medical Professional
  • Martha Dubois, Medical Professional
  • Suzanne Baxtresser, Medical Professional
  • Karissa Balten, Medical Professional
  • Hinda Miller, Former State Senator
  • Tess Taylor, Former State Representative
  • Daryl Pillsbury, Former State Representative
  • Linda Waite-Simpson, Former State Representative
  • Teo Zagar, Former State Representative
  • Mary Beth Bennett, Veteran
  • Martin Smith, Veteran
  • Mark Montgomery, Veteran
  • Frank Bidwell, Veteran
  • Margo Oaken, Veteran
  • Gene Jakominich, Veteran, Business Owner
  • Aaron Masi, Educator
  • Donald Morrison, Educator
  • Jozef Hand-Boniaskowski, Educator
  • Elias Gardner, Educator
  • Igor Zbtinoff, Educator
  • Franklin Rudolph, Educator
  • Jeff Dinitz, Educator
  • Bill Lofy, Vermont Cannabis Collaborative
  • Will Raap, Founder Gardener’s Supply and Intervale Center.
  • Alan Newman, Founder, Seventh Generation and Magic Hat Brewery
  • Chris Walsh, Co-Owner, Nectar’s
  • Jason Gelrud, Co-Owner, Nectar’s
  • Julie C. DeCuypere, Telecom Consultant
  • Carl Marcinkowski, Owner, Applied Standards LLC
  • Benjamin Brown, Farmer, Advocate
  • Edward Gordon, Artist, Business Owner
  • Jackson Whelan, Business Owner
  • Saul Cohen, Business Owner
  • Jonathon Friedberg, Business Owner
  • Kathy McNames, Business Owner
  • Sarah DeCandio, Business Owner
  • Lisa Richards, Business Owner
  • Sarah Trainer, Business Owner
  • Michael Andrews, Business Owner
  • Dawn Morin, Business Owner
  • Morriah Signor, Business Owner
  • Corey Hutson, Business Owner
  • Gary Simpson, Business Owner
  • Scott Beauvais, Business Owner
  • Chris Wright, Business Owner


  • American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont
  • Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform
  • Peace and Justice Center
  • Vermont Cancer Survivors Network
  • Vermont State Colleges Faculty Federation
  • Addison County Democratic Committee
  • Washington County Democratic Committee
  • Windham County Democratic Committee
  • UVM College Democrats
  • UVM Young Americans for Liberty
  • Vermont Progressive Party
  • Vermont Libertarian Party
  • Law Offices of Susan Buckholz, P.C.
  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  • Clergy for a New Drug Policy
  • BTV Green
  • Marijuana Policy Project
  • Vermont Cannabis Collaborative

Note: Individuals’ support should not be construed as support from employers or other organizations with which they may be affiliated (unless included in the list of membership organizations).


Laura Subin, J.D.Laura Subin, J.D.
[email protected]

Laura Subin is an attorney and has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years. Presently, she is a consultant in nonprofit management, working with a variety of charitable organizations on infrastructure development, program planning, strategic planning, and fundraising.

Ms. Subin has been recognized as an expert in domestic violence and has testified as such in Vermont Family and Criminal Courts and before the Vermont Legislature. She was the Executive Director of Women Helping Battered Women and the Director of the Council on Domestic Violence in Vermont, and the Executive Director of the Coalition of Battered Women’s Advocates in New York City. Ms. Subin has developed and presented workshops and seminars on the relationship between domestic violence and women’s involvement with the criminal legal system as well as the co-occurring crises of domestic violence and substance abuse in families.

Matt SimonMatt Simon
New England Political Director, Marijuana Policy Project
[email protected]

From 2007-2010, Matt served as executive director for the New Hampshire Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy. In 2011, he worked as New Hampshire communications director for Governor Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign, and, in December 2011, he began working as a legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project.

A former college English instructor, Matt believes respectful and effective communication is key to successful reform efforts. In 2013, his efforts bore fruit in Vermont as well as in New Hampshire; Matt was heavily involved in the successful campaign for Vermont’s new decriminalization law and led the efforts to allow medical marijuana in New Hampshire. Matt holds a Master of Arts degree in English from West Virginia University.