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Windham County Sheriff testifies in favor of legalization!

Speaking to the Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee, Windham County Sheriff Keith Clark gave compelling testimony at the today in favor of ending marijuana prohibition and regulating marijuana for adult use.

“By eliminating the prohibition on marijuana and the need to utilize funding for enforcing a failed policy, we as a state can focus on what is important,” said Clark, reading from a prepared statement on Thursday, Jan. 21. “We will have more resources and can focus on those whom are addicted to any substance, whether it is heroin, alcohol or marijuana. We can also put our efforts into educating our children in a more realistic way. Furthermore, we can be more effective in keeping our highways safe for all users.”

The conclusion of Sheriff Clark’s testimony was particularly moving:

“Not unlike Vermont’s change to allow gay marriage, there will be those who believe the change will only result in catastrophic outcomes,” he said. “When Vermont takes the bold step to legalize marijuana, I will be as proud as I was on the day I walked my daughter down the aisle when she married her wife.”