Bill delivered to governor’s desk, coalition responds to concerns

On May 18, 2017, Vermont’s marijuana legalization bill, S.22, was delivered to the desk of Gov. Phil Scott. He now has five days (excluding Sunday) to either sign it or veto it. If he does neither, it will become law without his signature.

The Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana submitted several documents to Gov. Scott’s office in response to his stated concerns about the bill. Those documents are available here:

Cover letter from coalition director Laura Subin to Gov. Scott

Responses to Gov. Scott’s concerns

Teen Marijuana Use Does Not Increase Following Marijuana Policy Reforms

No Evidence That Legal Marijuana Increases Traffic Fatalities

Access to Marijuana Can Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Addison Independent editorial: “A very savvy bill Gov. Scott can sign”

Please call Gov. Scott’s office at (802) 828-3333 (or email him) and ask him to sign this reasonable legislation into law. Tell him it’s time to stop punishing responsible adult marijuana consumers!

A summary of the bill is available here.


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