Action Alert: Tell Your Lawmakers It’s Time to Regulate Marijuana

A bill has been introduced in both the Senate and House that would end marijuana prohibition in Vermont.  S. 95 and H. 277 if passed would make marijuana legal for adults and allow the state to begin regulating marijuana production and sale.  It would also allow adults to cultivate two mature plants in an enclosed, locked facility.

A majority of Vermonters support ending prohibition, but your elected officials need to hear your voice to support S. 95 and H. 277. Please contact your representatives and senators today and ask for their support.

We have a new tool from NewGrassRoots that allows lawmakers to hear directly from you.   Here’s how it works:

You leave a brief one minute voice message to legislators and we can confirm not only delivery of your message, but confirmation your representatives have listened to your voice.

To leave a message:

1.) Click here and then click “Sign Up” in the top right corner to create an account.

2.) Click “Individual Sign Up

3.) Fill in the requested information and click “Create Account

4.) Check your email to verify your account. Remember to check your spam folder.

5.) Click the Record Message tab.

6.) Enter Bill ID S. 95 or H. 277.

7.) Select “Support this Bill” and the representative you wish to contact.

8.) Click the “Call Me Now” to receive a call. It may take up to 10 seconds to go through.

9.) Answer your phone to record a one-minute message. You must press # when you’re done speaking, and then press #1 to complete the process. If the process is not fully completed the message will not be sent.

10.) Call one of your other senators or representatives!

In your message you can simply tell your elected officials prohibition has failed, and that 2015 is the year to move forward on marijuana regulation.

Then, please share this message with your family and friends.  Let’s get calling!